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The Arts, New Literacies, and Multimodality

TitreThe Arts, New Literacies, and Multimodality
Type de publicationArticle de journal
Année de publication2007
AuteursAlbers, P., & Harste J. C.
JournalEnglish Education
Date Published10/2007
ISBN Number0007-8204
Numéro d'accès61959207; EJ786378
Mots-clésarts, literacy, littératie visuelle, media literacy, théâtre

The arts, multimodality, and new literacies studies, each with its own distinct principles, together can redefine literacy and what constitutes being literate. To recognize the roles that each of these fields plays in literacy necessitates a cultural shift in reading, interpreting, creating, and responding to a range of multimedia messages. The everyday literacies that learners bring to the classroom blur the lines between traditional literacy and unpredictable literacy, which promotes reading and writing through multimedia to create morphed and altered texts.