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Analytical survey: Digital libraries in education

TitreAnalytical survey: Digital libraries in education
Type de publicationReport
Année de publication2003
AuteursKalinichenko, L.
InstitutionInstitute for Information Technologies in Education (IITE
Mots-clésdigital libraries, éducation

This analytical survey provides an overview of current technologies for Digital Libraries in Education (DLEs) and their anticipated evolution through consideration of several DLE projects that have been carefully selected to provide for the identification of typical DLE features, characterization of the current state of DLE technologies, clarification of the social and organizational issues surrounding DLE development, and prediction of the DLE impact on education. Advanced frameworks and methodologies related to DLEs are described to forecast the further evolution of DLE technologies and applications. The survey is not intended to be an exhaustive coverage of DLEs, nor is it an aim to meld all the perspectives into one coherent picture, but rather to present them all. This information could serve a ground for planning the forthcoming phases of future DLE projects.

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