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Digital Literature in France

TitreDigital Literature in France
Type de publicationArticle Web
Année de publication2012
AuteursBouchardon, S.
PublisherDichtung Digital
Mots-clésdigital literature, écriture et lecture numériques, history of digital literature

In this paper, I first retrace the filiations and the history of digital literature in France, emphasizing the various literary and aesthetic tendencies and the corresponding structures (groups, reviews). Then I focus on French digital literature communities. I notably give an account of a study that I did in 2004-2007 for the Centre Pompidou in Paris: I analyzed a socio-technical device (discussion list and website) called e-critures, dedicated to digital literature, with the hypothesis of the co-construction of a socio-technical device, a field and a community. I conclude on the possible characteristics of digital literature in France.

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