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The Impact of Mobile Phone Usage on Student Learning

TitreThe Impact of Mobile Phone Usage on Student Learning
Type de publicationArticle de revue
Année de publication2013
AuteursKuznekoff, J., & Titsworth S.
RevueCommunication Education
Mots-cléslecture numérique, technologie mobile

In this study, we examined the impact of mobile phone usage, during class lecture, on student learning. Participants in three different study groups (control, low-distraction, and high-distraction) watched a video lecture, took notes on that lecture, and took two learning assessments after watching the lecture. Students who were not using their mobile phones wrote down 62% more information in their notes, took more detailed notes, were able to recall more detailed information from the lecture, and scored a full letter grade and a half higher on a multiple choice test than those students who were actively using their mobile phones. Theoretical and pedagogical implications are discussed.