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Multimodal literacies : An introduction

TitreMultimodal literacies : An introduction
Type de publicationChapitre de livre
Année de publication2010
AuteursAlbers, P., & Sanders J.
EditorSanders, J., & Albers P.
Titre du livreLiteracies, the arts, & multimodality
PublisherNational Council of Teachers of English - Urbana
ISBN Number9780814132142<br/>0814132146
Mots-clésenseignement, multimodalité

This article introduces K-college educators to current research and instructional practices for including a wider range of experiences that help teachers explore how a curriculum rich in these experiences can benefit students personally and academically. Editors Peggy Albers and Jennifer Sanders argue that we all learn best when engaged in complex, socially constructed, and personally relevant creative composition and interpretation of texts.