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"This is not a game": Immersive aesthetics and collective play

Titre"This is not a game": Immersive aesthetics and collective play
Type de publicationConference Proceedings
Année de publication2003
AuteursMcGonigal, J.
Titre de la conférenceMelbourne DAC 2003 Streamingworlds Conference
Lieu de la conférenceMelbourne
Mots-clésjeux vidéo, multijoueurs, réalité virtuelle

The increasing convergence and mobility of digital network technologies have given rise to new, massively-scaled modes of social interaction where the physical and virtual worlds meet. This paper explores one product of these extreme networks, the emergent genre of immersive entertinament, as a potential tool for harnessing collective action. Through an analysis of the structure and rhetoric of immersive games, I explore how immersive aesthetics can generate a new sence of social agency in game players, and how collaborative play techniques can instruct real-world problem-solving.