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Take it out of class. Exploring virtual literature circles

TitreTake it out of class. Exploring virtual literature circles
Type de publicationArticle de revue
Année de publication2011
AuteursBowers-Campbell, J.
RevueJournal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy
Mots-clésliterature circles

Researchers have identified significant advantages for using literature circles in the classroom. For example, Almasi (1995) argued that “students who talk about what they read are more likely to engage in reading” (p. 20). Additionally, Klages, Pate, and Conforti (2007) suggested that collaboration required by literature circles increased motivation, inf luenced positive social and communicative skills, and allowed students to gain vital understandings. Holt and Bell (2000) also identified benefits for literature circles:

As we read and talk about reading, we are searching for works of value that encourage students to feel, to question, to explore human values, and to examine traditions and cultures—works that provoke them to think about how they view the world. (p. 5)

Finally, research studies reported that students engaged in literature circles demonstrated increased comprehension, higher level thinking, and an ability to engage more deeply with text (Eeds & Wells, 1989).