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What is new about the new literacies of online reading comprehension

TitreWhat is new about the new literacies of online reading comprehension
Type de publicationChapitre de livre
Année de publication2013
AuteursLeu, D. J., Zawilinski L., Castek J., Banerjee M., Housand B. C., Liu Y., & O’Neil M.
Titre du livreSecondary School Literacy: What Research Reveals for Classroom Practice
PublisherNational Council of Teachers of English
VilleUrbana, IL
Mots-cléséducation, jeunesse, lecture numérique, multimodalité, pédagogie

Change defines literacy (Coiro, 2003; Hartman, 2000; Leu, 2000; Rosenblatt, 1938). Our lives change in fundamental ways as we become literate, expanding access to information, communication, and action (Freire, 1972, 1985; LeVine, LeVine, & Schnell, 2001). Because understanding change is at the core of what we do, it is ironic that our research community has largely ignored the extensive changes to literacy taking place in a digital, networked, multimodal, and multitasking world of information and communication. The nature of literacy is undergoing profound change, and we have little research or solid theory to inform our understanding of the consequences for classroom practice (Reinking, 1998).