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Console video games and global corporations : Creating a hybrid culture.

TitreConsole video games and global corporations : Creating a hybrid culture.
Type de publicationArticle de journal
Année de publication2006
AuteursConsalvo, M.
JournalNew Media and SocietyNew Media and Society
ISBN Number1461-7315
Mots-clésenseignement, industries culturelles, jeunesse, jeux vidéo

This article argues that the contemporary console video game industry is a hybrid encompassing a mixture of Japanese and American businesses and (more importantly) cultures to a degree unseen in other media industries, especially in regard to US popular culture. The particularities of the video game industry and culture can be recognized in the transnational corporations that contribute to its formation and development; in the global audience for its products; and in the complex mixing of format, style and content within games. As an exemplar of this process, the Japanese game publisher Square Enix is the focus of this case study, as it has been successful in contributing to global culture as well as to the digital games industry through its glocal methods. That achievement by a non-Western corporation is indicative of the hybridization of the digital games industry, and it is examined here as one indicator of the complexities and challenges, as well as future potentials, of global media culture.